8ac9a31b-4aca-46d8-b761-54232ccebac6_133x133[1]My name is Robert Gabriel Verdes I am a developer and I enjoy coding. 

I had my first computer in 2005 and it was a Pentium 386 with 2GB harddrive.  Until then I knew nothing about computers, I was just hearing RAM, HDD, Processor, Graphics Card but it made no sense to me. 

The big step up happend when I started studying programming in High School.  A new world was opening the doors to me and I was just addicted to writing code. I was “inventing” new little projects for myself just to have something to do in Visual Studio 2008.

Years later I started searching tools for Mobile Development and I started writing code for Windows Phone apps and since then, that’s what I am doing in my free time since my full time job is writing code for a mechanical machine that automatically delivers stuff to people in hospitals and shops.
To all young people who know something about computers and they want to start making their own apps I suggest you to visit Microsoft Virtual Academy, you can find everything you need to get started. Me I have been studying there, you can see my results here.

For those who started working with Windows Phone Apps remember there is a reward program called DVLUP that rewards Windows Phone developers. You can see my profile on DVLUP here

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