Great news from Windows Blog: wpdev benefits include Lifetime registration.

I just read one blog post on Building Apps for Windows Blog and between all the benefits listed there this is the one I liked most:

Lifetime Dev Center registration starts today
As we continue to execute on the vision to integrate the Windows and Windows Phone developer experiences, we have taken another step by moving to a one-time lifelong Dev Center registration fee.

Starting this week, Windows Dev Center requires only a one-time registration payment, which grants developers the ability to submit apps to both the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store, with no annual renewal fee.

This change is effective immediately. Each of our 600,000+ registered developers will no longer need to pay any additional fees to maintain their account. It’s also a very good time for developers new to the platform to get a Dev Center account and start submitting apps.

Lifetime Dev Center subscriptions Lifetime Dev Center subscriptions

That is just awesome. maybe this is the best moment to start your Windows Dev Center experience and develop lots of lots of apps for Windows and Windows Phone.

If you want to check out the other benefits you can read the blog post here

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