How to handle ApplicationBar Icons

Have you ever worked with ApplicationBar icons in Windows Phone?

I have, I’ve been working on Imnuri Crestine a Hymnal app you can see my first post about it here (Article is in Romanian)

While working on it I had to add some ApplicationBar icons to by AppBar and I had to create my own icons.

First thing I was worrying about was how do I make it Light Brown?

At first I was making my icons in PNG format using the color I needed in the result, as soon as I changed the default color I had to remake all the ApplicationBar icons until by mistake I tried a white icon and it took the default theme color.

So when you want to set a custom theme to your ApplicationBar just create white/transparent icons and the white will be replaced with the color of the ApplicationBar.

Make icons adapt to ApplicationBar Foreground color
Make icons adapt to ApplicationBar Foreground color


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