Round ProgressBar for WPF on GitHub

Lately I’ve been working on Mobile apps projects and I liked that Round ProgressBar that lots of apps and websites use when loading something.

Last week I went back to my OSX Mavericks virtual machine, and I was so used to browse google for issues from Windows that I was like copying a snippet from Windows save in a .txt file in a shared folder, open it back in the virtual machine and use the 3 lines of code.

Doing it once is no big deal but when you have to do it around 15 times/hour or more you are kind of why there isn’t any Clipboard Syncronizer for VMWare with OSX as guest?

Just as a challenge to myself I decided to play with it a little and make my own Clipboard Syncronizer through TCP [Coming Soon].

But well that’s another story.
While I was doing my User Friendly Windows-side Clipboard Syncronizer, I realised it isn’t much userfriendly.
It only had a Console and typed in there the IP of the remote machine, what I’ve copied from Windows Clipboard, what I received from TCP to add to the Clipboard and on the Console title the Local IP look-up status.

Some days ago I decided to make it little nicer.

I picked WPF because it’s very easily customizable rather than Windows Forms.

First thing first.

Let’s make the Local IP look-up so I don’t need to add the IP of the OSX machine manually.
So I tested Intellisense capacities and get only the ProgressBar which is very similar to Windows file copy.

So I’ve started to make my own round ProgressBar on Github – CircleProgressBarWPF.

I just searched something to start from, something simple and easily editable.

So I picked this one on CodeProject – Better WPF Circular Progress Bar

First improvement I needed was resizability of the control, so I added some Properties to the UserControl to manage the size of the dots and the diameter of the circle to change it based on needs.

I then handled those variables changing the positioning calculations and animation settings.

You can check out the results by downloading and trying it in your own WPF project.

Preview of the result:


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